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How to Access the Family Portal and FAST Results

VPK – 2nd Grade The Family Portal can be used to access your student’s results for FAST Star assessments VPK-2 for 2022-2023 onwards. This includes Star Early Literacy, Star Reading, and Star Mathematics. How to access Family Portal and FAST Star Assessments: VPK-2 3rd – 10th Grade Grades 3-10 Access […]

Income Survey Check Box

Income Survey

For students who are not directly certified, households may complete an Income Survey Form to qualify for other benefits such as fee waivers or programs related to socioeconomic status. Click HERE to access survey. This link is also available in the Parent Portal and linked on the Food & Nutrition website nutrition.dadeschools.net.


“TPA Live” Weekly Webinars

The Parent Academy (TPA)  is committed to providing quality workshops to families on relevant topics. Beginning on September 22, 2020, weekly webinars will take place as follows: Tuesdays at 10 AM, 1 PM (and 7 PM first Tuesday of each month) in English. Wednesdays at 10 AM, 1 PM (and 7 PM […]